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Corporate Logos

Flagworks can create a bold statement for your company through the use of a flag with your corporate logo. And the best part: It's really easy to do!

Simply provide Flagworks with a graphic of your logo* and your new flag will be on the way in a few weeks. That's all it takes to have your corporate logo flying proudly in your business.

  • Show Your Corporate Identity
  • Variety of Sizes
  • Bold, Vivid Display
  • Commercial Grade

*You can submit your logo in any format, including a hard copy. However, following these instructions will save you money, as your logo will not incur art charges:

  • Your logo should be submitted digitally, on diskette or via email.
  • Your logo should be a "vector graphic."
    • Whoever makes your corporate letterhead should have this file. This would be an EPS file, or one created in Corel Draw (*.cdr), Adobe Illustrator (*.ai), Flexisign (*.fs), Casmate (*.scv) or similar program.
    • Bitmap files, such as j-pegs (*.jpg), tiff (*.tif), or Windows bitmapts (*.bmp) will incur art charges, as they require extensive editing.
  • The fonts should be converted to outlines.

We'd be happy to help resolve any questions you might have in this area.



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